20 Career Paths

What do I study after 10th

What do I study after 10th
Now that the exams are over for almost all and students are savoring the freedom, they  have to face the most frequently asked question:
What do you wish to do?

Well, there are many who are yet to decide, many who do not know how to decide and many who do not wish to decide now. For all those parents and children, check out these Career Paths:

1 Agriculture & Animal Sciences
2 Medicine
3 Alternative Medicine
4 Allied Health Services
5 Architecture

6 Sciences
7 Engineering & Technology
8 Commerce, Business Management, Economics
9 Hotel, Tourism, Travel
10 Humanities, Social Sciences
11 Law
12 Education
13 Library & Information Sciences
14 Advertising & Mass Communication
15 Art & Design
16 Performing Arts
17 Textiles & Apparel
18 Skills
19 Religion
20 Sports

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