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Sports careers
Careers in Sports field in India

As Mary Koms, Sindhus, Vijayendra Singhs and scores of others are making their mark in the national and international fora, there is growing interest of youngsters making their careers in the field of sports.

It is still a challenge for those who are passionate about playing sports to make it a profession. Even for those who would like to make a career in coaching, management, sports journalism, it is a challenge as they do not receive adequate support from family and friends. Sports field is considered as a risky option as the rewards are not always certain or consistent.

The reasons are many for this attitude towards sports are many. There are a majority of people who feel that playing sports as a hobby is great. They probably will reel out the advantages of playing sports. But when it comes to making it a profession or career, it is felt that it is difficult to ‘settle down’ in life if one pursues sports. This is typically so because there is a need for children to become financially independent as early as possible in life. Parents feel that their responsibilities are over once their children settle down by having a decent job. It is easier to get children married if they have a steady and a well-playing job.

There is not enough status attached to those who are into sports unless they are super stars like Virat Kohli or PV Sandhu.

Recent successes in terms of performance and financial rewards are receiving wide publicity. The prosperity of parents also determines their outlook towards children exploring a career in sports. There are more institutions recognized by government offering a variety of courses that are professionalizing the field.

Explore in this post the different career profiles associated with sports.

A career in the area of sports is for those

  • Who love being outdoors
  • Who like to be constantly moving and hate being confined to a desk
  • Who have great motor skills
  • Who have endurance, flexibility, stamina
  • Who are physically fit as sports is a demanding activity
  • Who are not afraid of failure
  • Who are ready to take risks
  • Who can focus and concentrate on the task at hand
  • Who are ready to work hard on their own
  • Who take the initiative to push that extra mile
  • Who are not lazy

The choice of degrees, diplomas and certificate courses that are available today is varied. These are for those who like to play professional sports and for those who would like to make a career in managing and administering various disciplines.

Here is a list of various courses that you can choose
Bachelor’s and Master’s in Physical Education
Bachelor’s and Master’s in Sports Management
Bachelor’s and Master’s in Sports Coaching
Bachelor’s and Master’s in Sports Nutrition
Bachelor’s and Master’s in Sports Journalism and Mass Communication
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Fitness Training
Post Graduate Diploma in Disability Sports
Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Fitness management
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Injuries
MBA Sports Management

Diploma in Sports Management
Diploma in Sports Coaching
Certificate course in Sports Psychology

M.Phil. in Sports
Ph.D. in Sports

Certificate Courses after 10+2
Physical Education
Sports Coaching

Coach Development Program
Ground Management Course

A representative list of job profiles in this field

  • Sports reporter
  • Sports photographer
  • Sports cameraman
  • Sports anchor
  • Sports editor
  • Sports commentator
  • Sports analyst
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports agent
  • Sports coach
  • Sports referee/umpire
  • Sports nutritionist
  • Sports psychologist
  • Sports therapist

These are some of the recognized institutions that offer courses in the field of sports

  • Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports Patiala
  • LNCPE, Trivandrum
  • LNCPE, Gwalior
  • Symbiosis School of Sports Science
  • Tamil Nadu Sports University
  • University of Pune
  • National Council of Leadership
  • Jain University









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