Do I have a Job or a Career?

Many of us use the words Job and Career to refer to the same thing. However, they are conceptually different.

A job is something you do to earn money. You may not like the work that you are doing and may not be working on career advancement while you working. It is often hard to distinguish between the two when you are fresh out of college and have just started a job. As you come along in the work, you do come to a stage where you can tell the difference. There are some who choose money although they may not like the job or its profile, some choose passion or interest over money.  They will continue to pursue their interest whether or not they make lot of money. What is essential is that you make a decision about the priority – enjoy what you are doing or prefer choosing a ladder which provides more money.

There are some extremely lucky people whose hobby or an interest becomes their profession. Not only do they do well financially but are also happy while they are doing it. For instance, someone’s passion for plants evolves to a career in landscaping and horticulture – it may be a job, a business or a consultancy.

Do you wish for a career or a job?
Do you wish for a career or a job?

Who is career-minded?
Are all those who are working career-minded? What does career-minded mean?
Not all those who are working are career-minded. How do we recognize such people? Well, usually the career-minded are focused on their work; they are constantly ruminating about the next stage in their work; they put their heart and soul into it on their own whether or not they are paid well. They are single-minded, driven, focused and self-motivated. They cannot sit idle and will continue to pursue their interest whether they are paid for it or not. They are also regularly updating their skills and knowledge by specialized courses.

The career-minded also take more risks as they constantly thinking about what they are going to do next and how better to do it.

The majority of people are not so fortunate. It seems rather ambitious to expect one to make a decision about what they wish to do in their life at 15. Generally, those who have jobs give a priority to posts and designations. Those who are chasing a career generally become known for the quality of their work within and outside organizations.

It is certain that all those who are working are not career-minded. Knowing the difference will have a huge impact on how you live your life.


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