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How to have international student friendly website

For US Institutions

How to have an ://internationally.friendly Website

The Educational Information and Resources Branch within the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs provides professional development and educational resources for advisers at the nearly 500 EducationUSA centers around the world and strives to strengthen links between centers and U.S. higher educationinstitutions.Following are suggestions from advisers on how U.S. institutions can make their websites more accessible to prospective students from abroad www.educationusa.state.govt

DO provide


Link for international students on home page

Regional accrediting association

Tuition and cost information – List total amount that will appearon required documentation as well as individual programs costs


Deadlines – prominently listed

Checklist for required documents and tests

Contact information for all offices dealing with international students.

Automated responses are often not received overseas.

Names of months and specific dates for completion of required testing, application deadlines, notification, orientation and enrollment.

Metric measurements (campus size in hectares, average local temperatures in Celsius, distances in kilometers etc.)

Number of credit/hours needed to be enrolled full-time

Course catalog with course descriptions

Downloadable applications in a variety of formats

Application fee waivers or allow students without credit cards to mail application fee after completing on-line applications

State which programs are open to international candidates and which are not.

Minimum requirements for as many national education systems as possible

Require Social Security Numbers

Most international students don’t have them

Require GPAs - Many countries do not offer GPAs

Require zip codes or a U.S. address

Give 800 phone numbers – They are not toll free outside the U.S.

Use terms “fall” and “spring” – These are confusing to students from the southern hemisphere or areas with no seasons.

Use “college” to refer to university-level programs

Require original copies of academic certificates. Many international studentscannot obtain multiple originals of their academic certificates. Provide instructions for submitting certified true copies instead./

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