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The annual examination schedule is drawing to a close. The heat and dust of the summer makes it tough to take up any challenging task. You battle the sweat and the scorching sun with cool drinks, ice creams and light food. You stay out of the sun during the afternoons when the heat is at peak.

You also get to enjoy the variety of mangoes, the water melons and the musk melons.

Plan for upgrading language skills
Plan for upgrading language skills

You get a solid 30 days or more. For students it is not really too much time as there are a million things for them to do which they otherwise cannot do during the academic year. There are movies, outings with friends and relatives, shopping to do, cool things to do on the mobile, songs to listen to and……

Though all this is true, it is equally necessary that you invest in learning new skills or polish existing skills. Proficiency in English is one such skill. No matter what you do in your life, a job or a business, a consultancy or activism, being able to read, write, and talk well has become critical.

In your class not all children are at the similar level of proficiency. Your teachers need to cater to the whole class. It is possible that you feel bored as you have already learnt whatever you need to learn. It is in the holidays that you can spend some time without the pressure of the academic calendar.

Here we provide you with the tips on how to enjoy your holidays and polish English language skills at the same time.

Watch 3 movies
There are hundreds of movies being aired on TV channels and also released in theaters. Most of them are action movies, animation for kids or romantic ones. Depending on your interest, identify just 3 movies which have a riveting story line or a script. You can either check out the script before you watch the movie or later. Great scripts convey many complex messages to the viewers. You learn about how the language is used to convey the messages.

Read 3 books
Choose just 3 books to read. Again, select them in the areas of your interest so you will enjoy reading them. 

Read 1 topic, 3 Opinion pieces
These are available free online. Leading newspapers and magazine like New York Times, Washington Post, Economist, Wall Street Journal, BBC have sections for opinion pieces. On one topic, read at least 3 pieces so you know how professional writers express their opinion on the same issue.