Practicing Montessori philosophy at home

Can I follow Montessori philosophy at home? Yes, you can follow Montessori philosophy of child development at home. You can start by looking at your home through your child's eyes. Help in chores Children need to feel a sense of belonging. This feeling they get when they are part of the routine that is followed at home.  Children, especially preschoolers, want to be part of whatever is happening around them. It can be help in preparing the meal, cleaning, dusting, picking up.  These are opportunities that teach them how to be independent and they develop an intense pride what they do. Leave them alone when they are busy in an activity Parents, very often, have specific ideas about how their children should spend their time. And at times, what interests the child does not match with what the mom or dad want. You can practice Montessori philosophy at home by not disturbing or interrupting the children if they are immersed in some activity. That is how they learn concentration and focus.

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